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How To Apply For A Global Village TripMake a difference for families around the world!
Check out the trip schedule below to see where you can go to help build a home.  Click the country name for detailed information, including itinerary and trip costs.
If you already have a group of 10 - 12 family, friends and/or co-workers, please contact us for additional details about available dates and locations: globalvillage@habitat.ca


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‚Äč  Habitat Trinidad and Tobago

April 25th  - May 3rd 2020

Volunteer with like-minded people and local Trinidadians on a Global Village project to support a positive impact for families through access to safe, decent and affordable homes.    

Affordable housing need in Trinidad and Tobago

Approximately 20% of people in Trinidad and Tobago are in need of decent affordable houses.  This can be very hard to achieve due to the rising cost of houses and land, the unwillingness of financial institutions to lend, unstable employment and lack of certificates of inherited land. Those who have managed to secure land often live in self-made dilapidated homes of old wood and cinder blocks which are cramped and unsanitary.


Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago

Since 1997, Habitat Trinidad and Tobago has provided housing solutions and served individuals through housing initiatives, credit management training, basic construction techniques and disaster risk reduction programs.

Habitat Trinidad and Tobago raises funds to provide housing solutions for some of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in the country, as well as for post-disaster recovery projects in the English- speaking Caribbean region. We receive donations of money, materials and in-kind gifts, which support our shelter and training programs. With our no-profit policy, Habitat is often the only option available to low-income families, outside of specially-targeted government subsidy programs.

Habitat houses are built using the culturally preferred materials for construction – two and three-bedroom concrete blocks and galvanized roofs, pre-engineered steel frames with concrete boards and occasionally treated wood. We also offer microloan opportunities to potential homeowners for repairs, renovations and completions to homes.







Habitat Build project or in-country schedule (subject to change)

 Day 1-  Saturday, April 25th  

 Arrive in Port of Spain

 Day 2- Sunday,  April 26th

 Non build activities   and orientation

 Days 3-7- Mon, April 27th  - Fri May  1st

 Build Days/farewell celebration on Friday

 Day 8- Saturday , May 2nd     

 Non build  activities

 Day 9- Sunday, May 3rd

 Return to Canada or continue travels


Typical Volunteer Tasks

Typical tasks may include excavating the foundation and septic tank, tying steel , mixing concrete, painting or drilling and placing the steel frames for the homes


                                                           Habitat Individual Donation

The Habitat individual donation for this 09   day opportunity to build with Habitat Trinidad and Tobago  is approximately $ 1920  (1) + Air Transportation (2) + $ 100 Non Build  activities (3)

(There are additional costs such as passport, visa and immunizations which the team leader will discuss with you. These costs are not tax receipted) 


(1) The Habitat individual donation includes: daily living expenses (i.e. room & board) , traveler’s medical insurance, orientation materials, and a donation to Habitat Trinidad and Tobago   and to Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for this individual donation.

(2) Participants will need to independently arrange and pay for air transportation from their point of departure to Port of Spain    and must be done in consultation with the Team Leader. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for the eligible airfare.

(3)   Non  build activities will be determined by the Team Leader, they are not eligible for a tax receipt and are not paid to Habitat for Humanity Canada.  The Team Leader  will advise you on these activities and to how to pay.

                                                                   Team Leader: Randy Heys  

Hello, my name is Randy Heys and I am former Senior VP with a large Canadian company, but now I am retired (I like that much better) and live in Vancouver.  
I am very excited about the build to Trinidad and hope you can join us.  
I am on the Board of Directors for Habitat Greater Vancouver.  
I have done extensive travel throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and while I have been to (and lived in) a few Caribbean countries, I haven’t seen Trinidad.  I have been to Guatemala and Paraguay with Habitat, and this will be my second build as a Team Leader.  
I welcome you to join us, and we are going to have some fun as well as getting ourselves a little dirty and a bit sore at the build site. 
If you wish, there are some amazing nearby side trips that you can do on your own if you add them to your itinerary before or after the build, before returning to spring in Canada!
Please feel free to contact me at randyheys@hotmail.com  if you would like to learn more about this build, or apply now using our on-line application!

                                                          Apply Now